ICE-Trade Cross Cutting Machines

ICE-Trade Cross Cutting Machines for conveyor belts & rubber sheets

and other polymers, fast, easy and neat. Developed to often cutting small lengths, safely and ergonomically.

The Electric Cutter is installed on a linear guide system and pulled crosswise over the table to cut the product. Once arrived at the end the cutter comes back to the zero position. In order that the next cut can be made the complete carriage can be manually moved on a linear guide system along the table to the next position for cutting. With the installed laser light, the positioning is quickly done.  

ICE-Trade Cross Cutting Machine, fully automatic

can be installed behind the Belt Slitting Machine or other machines and is directed by an encoder on the product, for exact length measuring. The length can be set on a touch screen. The moment the length is achieved, cutting lengthwise stops and the Electric Cutter cuts the strips. Before the cross cutting activates a fixing system ensures that the product isn't moving during the cutting operation.