ICE-Trade Sustainability

ICE-Trade believes consideration of our safety, quality, environment, people and community is integral to sustainable development of our business, as well as providing a positive influence environmentally, socially and economically. ICE-Trade’s holistic approach to sustainability incorporates health, safety, environment and community (HSEC) into our Integrated Management System. These drivers guide ICE-Trade’s activities to provide integrity, accountability, transparency and in compliance with the international standards.


ICE-Trade considers maintaining the highest standards of Occupational Health and Safety a primary organizational objective, with the goal of zero harm. Our focus on safety is reflected in the commitment from all levels of the business to provide a safe, injury-free workplace for all employees, contractors and the wider community. ICE-Trade is dedicated to the continuous improvement of healthy and safe work practices and providing the systems, training and support to foster a safety culture. ICE-Trade’s safety culture and initiatives are delivered through the ICE-Trade Safety Program. ICE-Trade Safety Program has the ethos “looking after each other.” The program’s goal is to foster a strong preventative safety culture in which we quickly identify and remove risks in the workplace.


ICE-Trade is committed to continuous improvement in all functions of the business and all activities are carried out in accordance with a comprehensive suite of management systems.

Environmental Responsibility

ICE-Trade is committed to responsible environmental management in every activity undertaken. ICE-Trade's environmental management policy works towards to the AS14000 standard, defining strategies for preventing pollution, complying with legislative requirements and codes of practice impacting on ICE-Trade operations.


ICE-Trade is a company built on integrity with a commitment to performance excellence and developing productive, mutually beneficial partnerships with clients, suppliers and subcontractors, staff and the wider community.