ICE-Trade Belt Feeder Machine

The ICE-Trade Belt Feeder Machine 'feeds' any automatic cutting machine, like a water jet or digital cutter, with a conveyor belt.

As soon as the cutting installation has finished cutting it gives a signal to the Belt Feeder Machine, which then 'transports' the pre-set length onto the cutting installation. When the set length is reached, the Belt Feeder Machine gives signal to the cutting installation that it can start cutting again.

The Belt Feeder Machine pulls the belt from the unwinding stand, which features brass bearings, these have the function of brake, by tightening the bolts.

For entering the belt in the Belt Feeder Machine at the beginning, there is a winch, which pulls the belt in the Belt Feeder Machine.

As the Belt Feeder Machine is also equipped with an encoder, it can run synchronously with any automatic cutting machine. Control via Omron Counter or PLC from Siemens in combination with the cutting installation.

Emergency stop switch circuit from the Belt Feeder Machine is connected to the cutting installation.

As an option automatic alignment for the belt is available. The Belt Feeder Machine has at the input and output side adjustable side guides for the belt.