ICE-Trade Pulley Lagging.

Stop the slip and get the grip with ICE-Trade Pulley Lagging.

The lagging is pre-coated (tacky back) and available in different qualities:

  • diamond pattern or smooth in different thicknesses and º Shore A.
  • white nitrile FDA, smooth & diamond. polymer ceramic tiles, for extreme high friction under all circumstances, and a long life time.
  • ceramic tiles, AL2O3, profiled for an outstanding friction and lifetime.

Ceramic friction lagging is supplied on a steel shell, and is either bolted or welded on the pulley. CFL is developed for the very heavy industry and for long conveyor installations : till 3000 KW installed power and 8 m/s belt speed ! Above those values, please contact us. We are able to put the ceramic direct on the pulley shell, but have to do this in-house.