ICE-Trade Winding Machines

ICE-Trade Winding Machine

is conceived for winding single strips of rubber or PU.

After cutting the strips, for side skirt rubber or scraper blades, out of a slap, the strips can easily be wind with the ICE-Trade Winding Machine. Once the job is done, tape will secure the roll, and the roll can be removed from the winding shaft, which is extendable.

The ICE-Trade Winding Machine saves a lot of time and makes the winding job ergonomic for the operator.

The ITWM features caster rollers, so if the winding machine is not needed, it can be put out of the way.

ICE-Trade Sheet Winder

The ICE-Trade Strip Winder / Sheet Winder, custom built, winds either multiple strips in one go, after slitting sheet (rubber or PU) and PVC belts.

Depending the product to be wind an expandable shaft or square axle is available in different dimensions depending the max. weight of the reel.