ICE-Trade Production Premises

ICE-Trade Production moved to her new Production Facilities in the middle of July 2016.

The complete concept of the ICE-Trade Production building is based on a very low CO2 footprint : an ecological heating system in the winter by means of wood pellets, a separate ventilation system for production and offices with recuperation of the heath, an insulation system from Rockwool, triple glass for the offices and double in the production.

Actually the building features one gantry crane with a capacity of 5 MT. but the construction allows that we can still add a second. The floor in the production is made for weights till 15 MT /m².

In the office part the stairs, office desks and all the lamps were designed by WP and produced in-house.

The building ground surface is 1000 m² (10,760 ft²) with 700 m² production and around 600 m² offices and space for the production staff. The property is 6010 m².

And the outside view is..... simply top !

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Video of Premises