ICE-Trade Cleat - Sidewall Presses

ICE-Trade Profile Press

presses the cleats and/or sidewalls after cold bonding on the conveyor belt.

Specific pressure on the profiles is approximately 7 kg/cm².

For the different individual cleats and sidewalls different press forms are made to size, to get an optimum bonding between the profiles and the conveyor belt.

The stationairy Profile Press can be combined with the ICE-Trade Feeder Work-Bench, which will 'feed' the belt in the press.

ICE-Trade Profile Press Semi Automatic

The carriage with the 3 pneumatic cylinders is positioning at the preset distance of the cleats automatically. The distance (pitch) is set on the touch screen. The profile press can be operated from both sides, or from either side. The pressing surface for the belt is integrated in the carriage, which prevents that the pressing forces are direct on the table and the rollers from the carriage. The table can be made at any length.