ICE-Trade Design

For an industrial designer ICE-Trade produced the prototype garden furniture series from Stainless Steel 316. The design is patent pending.

The ICE-Trade Office Desk is made from Stainless Steel 304. The frame is first blasted with ceramic and afterwards electro polished. The security glass plate is 12 mm. thick and sand blasted at the underside. All cables are going through the table frame, plugs are underneath the work blade, so the cable salat isn't visible..

For offices of ICE-Trade Production, the different lamps are made from Stainless Steel and either with LED, halogen or TL lamps fitted.

The stairs & banisters is constructed with a steel  bases and Stainless Steel cables and concrete plates for the steps.

All is designed by WP, drawings made by our superior engineering team and produced inhouse by our high qualified staff in the production.